Reliability proven by almost seventy years in the industry, constant strive for innovation, “Made in Italy” quality.

We have been supporting companies since 1956, with logistics solutions tailored to the needs and business objectives of each individual customer.

From design to after-sales service, including the development of management software: we make automatic vertical storage systems for small, medium and large companies in all industrial sectors.

In this way, every day, we bring efficiency, safety and sustainability to the logistics processes of our customers.

Ferretto Spa. Storage goes vertical


Space optimization, complete control over flows and stock, quick and error-free picking, maximum safety for products and operators.

The expertise of a highly qualified team and the leading edge technologies in use are at the base of our automatic vertical storage systems. Custom systems for company logistics. Guaranteed quality thanks to a design and production process that is carried out completely in-house.

magazzino automatico verticale

Vertical lift modules Vertimag

Automatic vertical storage system for storage and picking
magazzino verticale rotante

Vertical carousel Eurot

The ideal vertical storage solution for space optimization
magazzino automatico verticale

Vertical Lift Modules For Bars And Plates Steel Tower

Automatic Vertical Lift Module for storage and picking of plates, metal sheets, slabs and profiles.
software gestione magazzino

Warehouse Management System

EjLog is the software for managing all types of storage solutions.

Case studies

Case studies

Valfiemme Srl

Steady growth and market share gains led the company to start a comprehensive technological and process renewal.

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Gianvito Rossi

Ferretto’s automatic vertical storage systems play a decisive role in the reorganization and new layout of the footwear manufacturer’s production department.

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Asendia Italy

Ferretto Group guided the major logistics and shipping company through its transition to automation. Vertimag vertical storage systems are the answer to the challenges of an ever-changing market.

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Any sector, any application


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