What is the most suitable logistics system to ensure the proper preservation of food and beverages as well as high quality control and effective management of expiration dates? What are the advantages an automated storage system offers to companies in the food sector? The Ferretto Spa will answer these and many other questions during the webinar scheduled for Thursday, 20 October by the Logistica Efficiente portal dedicated to services, equipment and technological innovations for the management of the Supply Chain in the Food & Beverage sector. From automatic storage systems for pallets and containers to Vertimag, the latest generation vertical solution, up to temperature-controlled systems that allow frozen products to be efficiently managed even at -28°C. These are just some of the solutions with which the Ferretto Spa meets the needs of companies operating in Food & Beverage, a sector that requires high quality standards in terms of space optimization, product traceability, safety, and product management efficiency. Through the story of the storage system designed and built for Contri Spumanti, Marcello Vergano, the Ferretto Group Automation Product Manager, will illustrate the advantages that a fully automated solution can offer in this particular sector: from the proper storage of products to quality control, up to traceability and management of expiration dates. Particular attention will also be paid to warehouse management software, our in-house solution developed based on Industry 4.0 standards and capable of being integrated with packaging lines in order to manage both production inputs and logistics outputs.
Would you like to learn more? We will be waiting for you on Thursday, 20 October from 10 am to 1 pm. Register online for the webinar.


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